This blog contains three key types of content, which I classify as-

Thoughtful Essays 

These are essays and musings on topics leaning towards spirituality  the meaning of life, and living a valuable life. These thoughts are mine alone and a result of the culmination of my 60 plus years of life lessons !  I find that my effort, without actually thinking about it, is towards unification of diverse ideas to find a way towards a benevolent society: a society that subscribes to a culture of promoting benevolence and understanding  misanthropy as the first step towards getting rid of it.

Science Fiction Stories 

Science fiction must have a link with human condition.  My stories are about new manifestations of age old problems.  My characters are well-meaning, just as all of us are, and violent, even ruthless, when self preservation is the goal.  These stories rely on the use of science to solve problems and the drama in them arises from the unpredictable consequences of actions of the characters.

Just Stories 

These are other stories.  They have a philosophical ring.  They are, usually, fact embellished with fiction.

War Stories is a sub-category of Just Stories.  War, at the global level may be an extension of diplomacy, a tool in the hands of the politician, but for the individuals involved in it, they are a challenge to their existence.  I wanted to be in the army, but could not make it past the medical board.  To me research in the events of war are not drudgery because of my intense interest in weapons, defense technology, firearms, battle tactics and other things connected with war.  I hope you will enjoy reading my products as much as I enjoyed creating them.

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  1. S Vaijayanthi says:

    With your usual flair, you have made your pages inviting. Can’t wait to see the entries as they pour out of your imagination.

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