Diogenes, the man who based his life on the philosophy of paring down needs to the bare minimum, perceived the world from a point of view diametrically opposed to that of an ordinary man.  While ordinary mortals want more of everything, a hunger which becomes ambition and raises men to the status of generals and emperors, he strove to reduce his physical life to the level of the brutes in the field and raise his spirit to the altitude of the divine.

Trying to view life from Diogenes’s stoical point of perception suggests ideas that are different from, even antithetical to common wisdom.  It shows a world view quite distinct from the one we see through the prism of common pragmatism.  This is my attempt to show that world view in an unembellished and Spartan fashion in stories and essays. I hope you will like this bowl of  salad tossed together by a peasant.  Happy reading !!


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