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Sinking of PNS Ghazi

‘Sinking of PNS Ghazi’.   Visit Diogeneszone and read it in ‘War Stories’.  PNS Ghazi was sunk at the end of November of beginning of December in 1971.  This was the first sinking of a submarine in war since the end of the WW2.  The incident is not fully explained.  Pakistan Navy claims the destruction was accidental and Indian Navy claims it as a kill.  Pakistan’s claim is purely speculative because the submarine had made no radio contact with its controllers for several days prior to its end, so Pakistan Navy could not have known anything about the incident.  Indian authorities have been most reticent about the incident and there are differences of opinion among the most senior officers about the timing of important incidents.  I was deeply interested in this mystery and the story here is based on study of published material.  I have used minimum of imagination to build a fictional account based on preponderance of probability to explain how PNS Ghazi happens to be lying in hundred feet of sea at the entrance of Vishakhapattanam port on India’s east coast.  It is a tribute to those who staked their lives in a match of wit and courage.

Why Write?

Why must I write when, in the past, geniuses have written and lit guiding beacons for us, the  mere mortals, to follow?  The reason is, to express thought and emotion is a primeval human urge.  Not even blocks created by nature, such as lack of sharp intellect, and by civilization, such as etiquette and laws, can suppress that urge.  Every child has wilted under a parent’s glare or received a spanking for speaking out of turn.  The writers who invited the wrath of governments for speaking the inconvenient truth are a multitude.

The urge to express is irrepressible in the thinking ape (Homo sapiens sapiens).  I cannot overcome that urge.  I cannot resist the inherent temptation to say what I must and even what I must not.  This age enables every expression to be voiced and cacophony of voices fills every space in print, in the ether and cavernous electronic warehouses in the servers of the globe girdling Internet .  I do not merely want to add my voice to that cacophony.  I yearn to be heard through the tumult.  And I promise that I will strive to be original and entertaining, so that my listeners’  effort to hear me is not entirely in vain.


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